Chapter 10 Appendix

10.1 Additional Resources

  • The Users list is one of the best ways to get answers to your questions about, and to interact with other users. This is also the forum that we use to publicize new features and capabilities.
  • The shiny discussion group is the best forum for answering questions about shiny and shiny’s use.
  • The shiny developer center is a great resource for the latest articles and videos, and to expand your knowledge about shiny. If you are new to shiny, we highly recommend going through the self-paced tutorial and watching the three-part webinar.
  • The RStudio blog is an excellent source for information about the new work that RStudio is releasing. Subscribe to stay in touch and hear about what is new.
  • The RStudio Help Center articles are available for frequently asked questions.
  • Premium support is email- and web-based support for customers with the Starter plan and above. You can file tickets by opening a support ticket here.