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Configuration of RStudio Professional Products#

RStudio professional products are highly configurable. The table below represents the most common installation, configurations, and integration steps that are used in practice for each product.

  RStudio Server Pro RStudio Connect RStudio Package Manager
Install Install R Install R * Install R
Install Server Pro Install Connect * Install Package Manager
Activate License Activate License * Activate License
Authentication Authentication1 *
Verify Installation Verify Installation * Verify Installation
Configure (Optional) Network Ports Network Ports * Network Ports
SSL Certificates SSL Certificates * SSL Certificates
Cross-Product Configuration Cross-Product Configuration Cross-Product Configuration
High Availability High Availability High Availability
Integrate (Optional) Data Sources Data Sources
Version Control Version Control *
Python Python


All of the configuration steps and integration steps are optional depending on your needs. Your unique environment will likely require additional tuning.