1 Introduction

RStudio Connect allows users to share and collaborate on the results they produce with R such as R Markdown documents, Shiny applications, and plots. Source code or rendered artifacts can be deployed into RStudio Connect and selectively shared with other viewers and collaborators within the organization. Some content can even be scheduled to be re-executed and emailed on a given schedule.

RStudio Connect can also help simplify the role of the system administrator tasked with supporting R by offering:

  • Detailed metrics for the server and the associated R processes (coming soon)
  • Logs for all R processes spawned by Connect
  • Secure deployments and interactions with artifacts using SSL/TLS
  • Scale a Shiny application beyond a single R process to support additional visitor load

1.1 System Requirements

RStudio Connect is supported on the following distributions of the Linux operating system:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (and CentOS) 6.0+
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (and CentOS) 7.0+
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Ubuntu 14.04

We currently only offer installers for the x86-64 architecture and require root privileges both to install and run Connect.