9 Content Management

RStudio Connect provides flexibility over how uploaded content is configured and shared.

9.1 Vanity Paths

All content receives a URL that includes its numerical ID at at the time of deployment – something like https://rsc.company.org/connect/#/apps/982. Connect administrative users can create “vanity paths” for content which make the content available at an additional, customized URL.

This setting can be found at the bottom of the “Access” tab when editing a piece of content. There you can enter the path at which you want this content to be available and preview the complete URL. Once you “Save” your content, you’ll be able to access your content at the new vanity URL.

Vanity URLs can not be nested inside of one another. So if a vanity URL /finance/ already exists, you would not be able to create a new vanity URL at /finance/budget/. You may create sibling paths: /finance/budget/ and /finance/quarterly/ may both exist concurrently.