7 Report History

You can view past renders of R Markdown reports and Jupyter Notebooks in RStudio Connect using the History tool. This includes both manually triggered and scheduled execution of content (See section 6).

To access the history of a report, browse to the “More” button (indicated by ellipsis in a circle) and select “History.”

Navigate to R Markdown history

This will open up a dialog to select the output bundles from previous executions of this report. The latest execution is in bold and the currently visible version of the output is highlighted.

R Markdown history selection

For parameterized R Markdown reports, different variants will have a separate rendering history associated with them (See section 10.3).

R Markdown history selection for a report variant

Each collection of output is saved to disk and is available at a unique URL, along with any output files (See section 9.2). Permissions for saved output will be the same as permissions for the “parent document” and the source code that is stored on Connect.