Create an RStudio Connect User from LDAP or OAuth2

The following snippets search for a user in LDAP or OAuth2 and then create an RStudio Connect account for that user.

There are two steps:

  1. Search for the user via the GET /users/remote endpoint. A user with no account on Connect will lack a guid. Note the temp_ticket for the desired user account.
  2. Use the PUT /users endpoint with the temp_ticket to create a corresponding account on RStudio Connect.

Search for a User

# set up environment
# Note that the connectServer string must have a trailing slash
connectServer <- Sys.getenv("CONNECT_SERVER")
apiKey <- Sys.getenv("CONNECT_API_KEY")

# set the search parameter
prefix <- "julie"

# make the query request
authHeader <- paste("Key", apiKey)
response <- GET(
    paste0(connectServer, "__api__/v1/users/remote"),
    add_headers(Authorization = authHeader),
    query = list(prefix = prefix)

results <- content(response)$results

# print the results of the API call
formatGuid <- function(guid) {
    if (is.null(guid))
for (user in results) {

The output looks like the following:

Julie   Goolly  julie1      15f5f51d-08ff-4e5b-beba-4ccf24e248dd
Julie   Jolly   julie2      NULL

In this particular case, there are two users matching the search for the prefix julie. The user julie1 has a GUID value, which means that this user already has an account in RStudio Connect. The user julie2 does not yet have an account in RStudio Connect.

Included in the API response for each user is a temp_ticket value that can be used to give the user an account in RStudio Connect. In the example above, the second user, julie2, needs an account, so you will need that user's temp_ticket:

tempTicket <- results[[2]]$temp_ticket

You can use this tempTicket value in the next section to create the account.

Create an RStudio Connect User Account

Using the tempTicket value from the previous section, you can give the user an RStudio Connect account with an HTTP PUT request:

# use a tempTicket value from searching /users/remote

response <- PUT(
    paste0(connectServer, "__api__/v1/users"),
    add_headers(Authorization = authHeader),
    body = list(temp_ticket = tempTicket),
    encode = "json"


When the call succeeds, the response will contain a non-NULL guid value, which is a unique identifier for the user account.

If the user already exists in Connect, the response will contain an error:

[1] "The requested username is already in use."