Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebooks can be deployed to RStudio Connect with the use of the rsconnect-jupyter plugin or the rsconnect-python Command Line Interface. See the Publishing Jupyter Notebooks Section to learn how to publish Jupyter Notebooks.

Jupyter Notebooks that are published with source code can be scheduled to execute on a regular basis on RStudio Connect. A full description of all scheduling features is available in the Scheduling chapter.

You may also view past renderings of Jupyter Notebooks that were published with source code. The Report History chapter has more details.

Tracking Visits

Connect records visits to Jupyter notebooks and lets you see:

  • Which documents were viewed
  • When the documents were viewed
  • Who viewed the documents

Details about visits are also recorded for parameterized R Markdown documents and other types of rendered and static content.

An overview of recent activity is available in the RStudio Connect dashboard. See the Content Settings Panel section to learn more.

Details about each visit are available through the Instrumentation APIs. Use these records to perform your own analysis. Code examples showing how to obtain this data can be found in the User Activity section of the RStudio Connect: Server API Cookbook.