RStudio Professional Drivers

RStudio makes it easy to access and analyze your data with R. RStudio Professional Drivers are ODBC data connectors that help you connect to some of the most popular databases.

RStudio Professional Drivers
SQL Server | Oracle | Teradata | Hive | Impala | Salesforce | PostgreSQL | Redshift |
Athena | BigQuery | Cassandra | MySQL | Netezza | MongoDB + Schema Editor

Previous Versions
1.6 | 1.4
Release Notes
Getting Started with RStudio Professional Drivers

RStudio Launcher

The RStudio Job Launcher provides the ability for various RStudio applications, such as RStudio Server Pro and RStudio Connect, to start processes within various batch processing systems (e.g. IBM Spectrum LSF) and container orchestration platforms (e.g. Kubernetes). RStudio products integrate with the Job Launcher to allow you to utilize your existing cluster hardware for maximum process isolation and operations efficiency.


RStudio License Servers

These lightweight servers distribute floating licenses to RStudio products. Floating licensing is appropriate for licensing RStudio products running in ephemeral or virtual containers or environments. Using floating licensing, it’s possible to securely license products in these environments without needing to manually activate with a license key, and it’s also unnecessary to make sure the key gets deactivated. The license is used only while the product is actively running.

Documentation can be found in your product admin guide

RStudio Server Pro | RStudio Connect | Shiny Server Pro

TurboFloat Server