Customizing the Sign-In Page

You can customize the content and appearance of the RStudio sign-in page by including custom HTML within the page. This is accomplished by either:

  • Providing a file at /etc/rstudio/login.html that includes additional HTML to include within the login page; or

  • Specifying the auth-login-page-html option within the rserver.conf config file which points to an alternate location for the login HTML file. For example, the following specifies that the file located at /opt/config/rstudio-login.html should be included within the login page:

    # /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf

The contents of the specified HTML file will be included after the standard login header and login username/password form. If you want to modify the appearance of the header and/or add content above the username/password form, you can use CSS and JavaScript within your login.html file to modify the page after it loads.

The same can be done to tweak the display of the sign in page for remote RDP sessions as well, with either the /etc/rstudio/rdplogin.html file, or the auth-rdp-login-page-html setting within rserver.conf.