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All Documentation for RStudio Professional Drivers#

Documentation for current and past releases of RStudio Pro Drivers:

Visit the Best Practices - Databases Using R documentation, shown above, for best practices, examples, and additional configurations to use when working with databases and the RStudio Professional Drivers.

OBDC Driver Installation and Configuration Guides#

Select one of the ODBC drivers below to view the installation and configuration guide from Magnitude Simba that corresponds to your version of RStudio Professional Drivers:

Version 2021.10.0#

Version 2021.10.0 Documentation Links

Version 1.8.0#

Version 1.8.0 Documentation Links

Version 1.7.0#

Version 1.7.0 Documentation Links (not supported)

Version 1.6.1#

Version 1.6.1 Documentation Links (not supported)

Version 1.4.0#

Version 1.4.0 Documentation Links (not supported)