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Using RStudio Professional Drivers

From an R prompt, install the odbc package:

R Console

> install.packages("odbc")

Test your connection in R with odbc::odbc(). If you are using the RStudio IDE, you can use the New Connection dialog to help you write the connection string, for example:

R Console

> con <- DBI::dbConnect(odbc::odbc(),
         Driver = "Driver Name",
         Database = "Database",
         UID = "User",
         PWD = "Password",
         Server = "Server",
         Port = 5432)

Refer to the support article on Using RStudio Connections for more information on integrating your data sources with the Connections pane in RStudio Server Pro.

Refer to the support article on Getting Started with RStudio Professional Drivers for additional information on installing and configuring RStudio Professional Drivers.