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Requirements for RStudio Professional Products#


RStudio professional products are applications that run on Linux servers and enable data science workflows across teams. They require knowledge of Linux systems, root privileges at installation time and runtime, a user authentication scheme, and access to the R programming language and an R package repository.

For convenience, RStudio makes R binaries and R package binaries available for supported Linux distributions. For more information on installing R and R packages, refer to the Install R page.

For more information on the prerequisites, refer to the RStudio professional product requirements. For more information on supported operating systems and versions, refer to the RStudio Platform Support page.

Configuration and sizing recommendations#

Our products have relatively small footprints, and the requirements for running RStudio professional products depend mostly on the expected workloads of the end users.

We recommend installing each product on a separate/dedicated server, and that each server has the required resources in place for each product.

For more information on planning and sizing your installation of RStudio professional products, refer to the overview of configuration and sizing recommendations.

Detailed product requirements#

AWS CloudFormation Template#

The RStudio Team CloudFormation template script provides an easy way of deploying all RStudio Team products into AWS with just the press of a button.

This deployment method provides a good set of default values for the requirements to run RStudio Professional Products in AWS.