RStudio maintains many subdomains that describe how to use specific packages.

Blog articles

RStudio maintains several blogs. The Developer Blog contains information on RStudio products and events, including RStudio open-source and commercial product announcements, company events, and company news. The R Views blog is a community blog edited by RStudio. See the category: R for the Enterprise for articles relating to RStudio professional products.


RStudio webinars and videos are presented on a variety of subjects. Archives and associated materials can be found online.


RStudio has a mission to provide the most widely used open source and enterprise-ready professional software for the R statistical computing environment. We offer open source and enterprise ready tools for the R computing environment. For professional support help, please contact

Sales and Pricing

RStudio professional on-premises software products improve your experience with R and have the enterprise grade security, priority support, and commercial license your organization expects. All professional server and desktop products are priced on an annual subscription basis.

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