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Using RStudio Package Manager with Amazon EFS (Elastic File System)#

To use RStudio Package Manager in any multi-node configuration, you must mount certain files on a shared file system.

It is possible to use Amazon EFS as this file system, subject to the following limitations:

  • You may experience performance issues when compared to a file system mounted on Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).
  • Use the lookupcache=pos mount option to prevent long service delays from attribute caching. See the NFS documentation for more information.
  • The locking mechanism in SQLite does not work correctly if the database file is kept on an NFS filesystem, and this could lead to data corruption. If using SQLLite, ensure SQLite.Dir option is set a local volume.
  • Incorrect configurations can make performance significantly worse, so please read over our RStudio Team guide below.

For more information, as well as configuration guidance, refer to RStudio Team integration with EFS.