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Upgrade RStudio Package Manager#

The Upgrading section of the RStudio Package Manager Admin Guide offers additional information that should be reviewed prior to upgrading. Additionally, the upgrading procedures listed below are also available in the Admin Guide.

Upgrading a Cluster

See Upgrading a Cluster for details on upgrading a highly-available cluster with minimal downtime.

Upgrade planning#

  • Upgrading RStudio Package Manager requires limited downtime
  • During an upgrade, users may not be able to install packages
  • We recommend upgrading during a period of downtime


  • The latest version is available on the downloads page along with the Release Notes.

  • The current version is available by running:

    cat /opt/rstudio-pm/VERSION

Download and install the script#

To upgrade:

  1. Download the latest .rpm or .deb file.
  2. Run the install command:

    sudo gdebi <rstudio-pm-version.deb>
    sudo yum install <rstudio-pm-version.rpm>
    sudo zypper install <rstudio-pm-version.rpm>

The new version of RStudio Package Manager installs on top of an earlier installation. Existing configuration settings are respected. During installation the RStudio Package Manager service is restarted.

Additional information#

The RStudio Package Manager Admin Guide provides additional server management information, such as Purging RStudio Package Manager, Backups, Server Migration, etc., in the Server Manager section.