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All Documentation for RStudio Connect#

Latest stable version#

Documentation for the current release of RStudio Connect:

All versions#

RStudio calendar-based versioning scheme

RStudio is shifting to a calendar-based versioning scheme for future releases of all our commercial products.

In this new scheme version labels are derived from the date of release using the YYYY.MM.patch format where:

  • YYYY is the four digit year
  • MM is the two digit month
  • Patch is an integer that starts at zero and gets incremented each time non-functional improvements (e.g.: bug fixes, performance improvements, etc.) are made to the product.

For additional information, please see the Announcing Calendar Based Versioning for All Commercial RStudio Products blog post.

Documentation for current and past releases of RStudio Connect:

Administration Guide
User Guide
API Reference Guide
Server API Cookbook