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Integration with RStudio Cloud#

RStudio Cloud is a product geared towards bringing R to everyone. A core feature of RStudio Cloud is the ability to create projects with as-needed instances of the standard RStudio IDE, including the ability to publish content to RStudio Connect. If your users are using RStudio Cloud to publish content to RStudio Connect, there are some caveats that you should be aware of:

  1. RStudio Cloud uses a package proxy replacement for CRAN, which shows up in the packrat.lock and manifest.json files as http://package-proxy
  2. RStudio Cloud supports a fallback repository for its packages which is listed as RSPM in the repos R option and points to a CRAN mirror.
  3. When deployments from RStudio Cloud rebuild on RStudio Connect, users may see a message saying that it couldn't contact http://package-proxy before successfully building.

Suppressing The package-proxy Message#

To prevent the package-proxy message from appearing in user deployments, override CRAN using the RPackageRepository configuration heading.

[RPackageRepository "CRAN"]

Making All RStudio Cloud Deployments Restore From RSPM#

Because RStudio Cloud uses two repository settings to achieve its fallback behavior, you will need to override both of them using the RPackageRepository configuration heading.

[RPackageRepository "CRAN"]
URL = https://my.package.manager.instance

[RPackageRepository "RSPM"]
URL = https://my.package.manager.instance

Replace https://my.package.manager.instance with the instance of RSPM you would like to prefer that packages restore from.