Setup Tool - Post Installation Procedures#

Following the initial configuration of RStudio Connect using the Setup Tool, we recommend completing the following Integration Steps and Verification Tasks below.

Integration Steps#

Configure RStudio Connect to use an RSPM repository#

We recommend this integration because:

  • It ensures that content publishers can deploy content to RStudio Connect that depends on R packages.
  • It significantly decreases the time to publish content.

The steps to configure RStudio Connect to use an use an RStudio Package Manager (RSPM) repository are in the RPackageRepository section of the Admin Guide.

Install System Dependencies#

We recommend this integration because:

  • R packages typically rely on a set of system-level dependencies.
  • To that ensure publishers can deploy content without content failures.

If you are using RStudio Package Manager, you can view these install commands on the setup page for your repository. If you are not using RStudio Package Manager, you can access these commands here.

Be sure to select the correct operating system for your installation of RStudio Connect.

User Management#

We recommend this integration because:

  • By default, the first user to log into RStudio Connect is assigned administrative privileges. Additional users will default to the viewer role. For publishing privileges, users will need to be promoted to the publisher role.

Learn more about user provisioning and management in the RStudio Connect Admin Guide.

Version Control#

RStudio Connect publishers can deploy content to RStudio Connect in several ways.

We recommend this integration because:

  • Git-backed content is a mechanism that allows content to be deployed to RStudio Connect directly from a remote repository.
  • Content will automatically fetch from the associated remote Git repository and re-deploy, which allows for integration with Git-centric workflows and continuous deployment automation.

The Admin Guide offers information about the components required to support Git-backed content in an RStudio Connect deployment environment.

Data Sources#

RStudio provides licensed and high-quality commercial ODBC drivers for many common data sources from Simba Technologies, a subsidiary of Magnitude Software. We absorb the cost of this license and provide it to current paying customers, at no additional charge, to be used exclusively with RStudio professional products.

We recommend this integration because:

  • RStudio Professional Drivers are ODBC data connectors for the most popular databases.
  • It helps you develop and deploy applications and reports that depend on databases to RStudio Connect.
  • It helps you use databases with R in a production environment.

Learn More about installing and configuring these drivers.

Verification Tasks#

Test Email#

You can view your current email settings from the RStudio Connect dashboard in the Admin > Settings panel.

To send a test email from this page to confirm that the email features will work properly:

  • From the Menu bar, click Admin.
  • Click Mail Settings.
  • Click Send Test Email.
  • Wait a few moments and then verify that the test email was successfully delivered.

Test Publishing#


This initial trial is a critical step to ensure RStudio Connect is ready for use.

Ask a publisher to :

  • Log into RStudio Connect. Once logged in, they will see the Publish button on the main content page.

  • Click the Publish button.
  • Follow the instructions to publish a piece of their own content or one of the included samples.


    If your publisher needs additional information for publishing a piece of content, please refer to our How To Guides.