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Upgrade RStudio Connect#

Upgrading RStudio Connect requires limited downtime (typically less than 10 minutes).

Upgrade planning#

  • During the upgrade, the RStudio Connect service is restarted.
  • Scheduled document renders are not interrupted.
  • Connections to running applications and APIs are closed.
  • Users can be prompted with a warning ahead of an upgrade using System Messages.


New features, deprecations, and breaking changes are announced on the RStudio Blog for each version release. When performing an upgrade from a much older version of RStudio Connect, it is recommended that you review the detailed Release Notes.

Download and run the script#

To perform an upgrade, download and run the same script used to install RStudio Connect. The script installs a new version of RStudio Connect on top of the earlier one. Existing configuration settings are respected unless otherwise mentioned in the release notes.


The installation script must be run by a privileged user or a user with sudo privileges.

  • To update RStudio Connect, download and run the installation/upgrade script:

    $ curl -Lo
    $ sudo -E bash ./ 2021.08.2

    RStudio calendar-based versioning scheme

    RStudio is shifting to a calendar-based versioning scheme for future releases of all our commercial products.

    In this new scheme version labels are derived from the date of release using the YYYY.MM.patch format where:

    • YYYY is the four digit year
    • MM is the two digit month
    • Patch is an integer that starts at zero and gets incremented each time non-functional improvements (e.g.: bug fixes, performance improvements, etc.) are made to the product.

    For additional information, please see the Announcing Calendar Based Versioning for All Commercial RStudio Products blog post.

More information about the script can be found here.

Offline or manual upgrade#

If you need to upgrade your version of RStudio Connect in an offline environment:

Please see the Manual Installation steps or the Upgrading section of the Admin Guide for additional information.

Additional upgrade information#

The Admin Guide offers additional information that expands on the information for upgrading RStudio Connect.