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Upgrade RStudio Connect#

Upgrading RStudio Connect requires limited downtime (typically less than 10 minutes).

Upgrade planning#

  • During the upgrade, the RStudio Connect service is restarted.
  • Scheduled document renders are not interrupted.
  • Connections to running applications and APIs are closed.
  • Users can be prompted with a warning ahead of an upgrade using System Messages.


New features, deprecations, and breaking changes are announced on the RStudio Blog for each version release. When performing an upgrade from a much older version of RStudio Connect, it is recommended that you review the detailed Release Notes.

Download and run the script#

To perform an upgrade, download and run the same script used to install RStudio Connect. The script installs a new version of RStudio Connect on top of the earlier one. Existing configuration settings are respected unless otherwise mentioned in the release notes.


The installation script must be run by a privileged user or a user with sudo privileges.

  • To update RStudio Connect, download and run the installation/upgrade script:

    $ curl -Lo
    $ sudo -E bash ./ 2022.07.0

More information about the script can be found here.

Offline or manual upgrade#

If you need to upgrade your version of RStudio Connect in an offline environment:

  • Download the latest .rpm or .deb installation files for your distribution.
  • Copy the file to your offline server.
  • Install using the appropriate package manager for your distribution.

Please see the Manual Installation steps or the Upgrading section of the Admin Guide for additional information.

Additional upgrade information#

The Admin Guide offers additional information that expands on the information for upgrading RStudio Connect.