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Follow the procedures below to upgrade rsconnect-jupyter.

  • First, uninstall the extension:

    • Disable and remove the rsconnect-jupyter notebook extension:

      # Disable Python extensions found in `rsconnect-jupyter`
      jupyter-serverextension disable --sys-prefix --py rsconnect_jupyter
      # Remove JavaScript extension
      jupyter-nbextension uninstall --sys-prefix --py rsconnect_jupyter

    • Finally, uninstall the rsconnect-jupyter python package:

      pip uninstall rsconnect_jupyter

  • Then, reinstall it.

    • The following commands should be run after activating the Python environment where you plan to use jupyter.

      • Install the rsconnect-jupyter package with the following command:

        $ pip install rsconnect_jupyter

      • Enable the rsconnect-jupyter extension with the following commands:

        # Install `rsconnect-jupyter` as a jupyter extension
        jupyter-nbextension install --sys-prefix --py rsconnect_jupyter
        # Enable JavaScript extension
        jupyter-nbextension enable --sys-prefix --py rsconnect_jupyter
        # Enable Python extension
        jupyter-serverextension enable --sys-prefix --py rsconnect_jupyter


      • The above commands only need to be run once when installing rsconnect_jupyter.
      • To deploy content, you will need at least the rsconnect-python package in every kernel you plan to deploy from.
      • If you run into an issue during installation, please let us know by filing a bug here.