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SOURCE CODE rsconnect.log DOCS

Logging wrapper and shared instance

from logging import getLogger, LoggerAdapter, DEBUG

import click
import six

class RSLogger(LoggerAdapter):DOCS
    def __init__(self):
        super(RSLogger, self).__init__(getLogger("rsconnect"), {})
        self._in_feedback = False
        self._have_feedback_output = False

    def set_in_feedback(self, value):
        self._in_feedback = value
        self._have_feedback_output = False

    def process(self, msg, kwargs):DOCS
        msg, kwargs = super(RSLogger, self).process(msg, kwargs)
        if self._in_feedback and self.is_debugging():
            if not self._have_feedback_output:
                self._have_feedback_output = True
            msg =" %s" % msg, fg="green")
        return msg, kwargs

    def is_debugging(self):
        return self.isEnabledFor(DEBUG)

    def setLevel(self, level):DOCS
        Set the specified level on the underlying logger.

        **Note:** This is present in newer Python versions but since it's missing
        from 2.7, we replicate it here.

logger = RSLogger()