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Installing RStudio Server Pro

These instructions describe how to install RStudio Server Pro on a Linux server.

Install R

Install a version of R on the server following the steps to Install R from Source.

We recommend installing Python independent of your system package manager to be able to make multiple versions of Python available and to avoid removing existing versions of Python when updating system packages.

Download and install

Download and install RStudio Server Pro:

$ curl -O
$ sudo yum install rstudio-server-rhel-pro-1.2.1335-1-x86_64.rpm
$ sudo apt-get install gdebi-core
$ curl -O
$ sudo gdebi rstudio-server-pro-1.2.1335-1-amd64.deb
$ curl -O
$ sudo zypper install rstudio-server-pro-1.2.1335-1-x86_64.rpm
$ curl -O
$ sudo zypper install rstudio-server-pro-1.2.1335-1-x86_64.rpm

Activate license

Run the following command to determine the status of your license and verify that your evaluation license is active:


$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager status

If you already have a license key, activate the license using:


$ sudo rstudio-server license-manager activate <LICENSE-KEY>

where <LICENSE-KEY> is the license key that was provided to you.

If your server is offline or if you need to use a different license activation process, refer to the licensing section of the RStudio Server Pro Administration Guide.

Verify installation

You can visit RStudio Server Pro in a browser at http://SERVER-ADDRESS:8787 and replacing SERVER-ADDRESS with the DNS name or IP address of the server.