8 AWS S3 Configuration

8.1 Destinations

You can configure variable data storage classes to use AWS S3 for storage. See section 7.9 for more information on configuring a variable data storage class to use AWS S3.

8.2 AWS Documentation

RStudio Package Manager’s AWS S3 support utilizes the AWS S3 SDK, which documents configuration and credential standards for interacting with S3 services.

See the AWS CLI Configuration for detailed documentation on configuring your environment for interaction with AWS.

Below are some configuration examples.

8.3 Configuration Examples

To interact with S3, you will typically configure either environment variables or a credentials file.

8.3.1 Environment Variables

Refer to AWS Environment Variables for more information on environment variables. Here are two examples: Red Hat/CentOS 6

Edit the file /etc/init/rstudio-pm.override

; /etc/init/rstudio-pm.override

env AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-west-2

Restart the RStudio Package Manager service with sudo restart rstudio-pm. Ubuntu 16+, Red Hat/CentOS 7, openSUSE/SLES

Create and edit a new file at /etc/systemd/system/rstudio-pm.service.d/aws.conf

; /etc/systemd/system/rstudio-pm.service.d/aws.conf


Reload the systemd process and restart the RStudio Package Manager service with:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start rstudio-pm

8.3.2 S3 Permissions

The credentials RStudio Package Manager uses for S3 storage must have the following permissions for the bucket:

  • s3:GetObject
  • s3:ListBucket
  • s3:PutObject
  • s3:DeleteObject
  • s3:AbortMultipartUpload

8.3.3 Credentials and Config Files

Refer to AWS Configuration and Credential Files for more information on configuration files.

Alternatively, you can configure RStudio Package Manager to use AWS S3 services by creating credential and configuration files in the service account’s home directory. Since the rstudio-pm service account does not have a home directory by default, you will first need to create it.

sudo mkdir /home/rstudio-pm
sudo chown rstudio-pm:rstudio-pm /home/rstudio-pm

Next, create a credentials file to contain your AWS credentials

; /home/rstudio-pm/.aws/credentials


If you wish to configure your AWS region without an environment variable, you can use a config file. By default, RStudio Package Manager will only read the ~/.aws/credentials file. To also read the ~/.aws/config file, you must configure one of the following:

  • Set an environment variable: AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG=1, or
  • Set the S3Storage.EnableSharedConfig = true configuration value.

When the AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG environment variable is true or the S3Storage.EnableSharedConfig setting is true, both the shared config file (~/.aws/config) and the shared credentials file (~/.aws/credentials) will be loaded. Values in the shared credentials file take priority when there are duplicated values.

Create a shared config file:

; /home/rstudio-pm/.aws/config


After creating the credentials and/or config files, restart the RStudio Package Manager service.

8.3.4 RStudio Package Manager Configuration

See section 7.9 for examples of configuring RStudio Package Manager to use S3.

See section A.18 for more details on the S3 storage configuration settings available to RStudio Package Manager.

See section A.16 for details on configuring a variable data storage class to use S3.