RStudio Package Manager organizes and centralizes R packages across your team, department, or the entire organization.

Traditionally, R packages enter the organization from a variety of sources including, but not limited to:

  • CRAN
  • Bioconductor
  • Github
  • Internally developed package sources

RStudio Package Manager empowers R users to access packages and reproduce environments while giving IT control and visibility into package use.


There is a left-hand navigation pane that displays the chapters and subchapters that are in this administrator guide. Some chapters contain subchapters that may not initially display when navigating this guide. To expand a chapter's subchapters, simply click the title of the chapter. If there are no subchapters within the chapter, then clicking the chapter title does not display any subchapters.

Public RStudio Package Manager

If you are looking for the Public RStudio Package Manager, then related questions can be posted in the RStudio Community. Additionally, you may view the FAQs for Public RStudio Package Manager here.