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RStudio Workbench#

RStudio Workbench, formerly RStudio Server Pro1, is the preferred data analysis and integrated development experience for professional R users and data science teams who use R and Python. RStudio Workbench enables the collaboration, centralized management, metrics, security, and commercial support that professional data science teams need to operate at scale.

Some of the functionality that RStudio Workbench provides is:

  • The ability to develop in RStudio and Jupyter
  • Load balancing
  • Tutorial API
  • Data connectivity and RStudio Professional Drivers
  • Collaboration and project sharing
  • Scale with Kubernetes and SLURM
  • Authentication, access, & security
  • Run multiple concurrent R and Python sessions
  • Remote execution with Launcher
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Advanced R and Python session management

The following documentation helps an administrator install and configure RStudio Workbench. It provides information for installing the product on different operating systems, configuring authentication, upgrading RStudio Workbench, and setting up integrations with other systems and RStudio products.

  1. We have renamed RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Workbench. This change reflects the product’s growing support for a wide range of different development environments. Please see our official Announcement and review our FAQ regarding the name change from RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Workbench.