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Configuring High Availability in RStudio Workbench#

RStudio Workbench, formerly RStudio Server Pro1, can optionally be configured across multiple servers for load balancing and high availability (HA). This configuration involves an external shared file server.

Reference documentation for configuring load balancing and HA in RStudio Workbench is available in the Admin Guide.

  1. We have renamed RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Workbench. This change reflects the product’s growing support for a wide range of different development environments. RStudio Workbench enables R and Python data scientists to use their preferred IDE in a secure, scalable, and collaborative environment -- whether that is the RStudio IDE, JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebooks, or VS Code. We want RStudio Workbench to be the best single platform to support open source, code-first data science, whether your team is using R or Python. Please see our official Announcement and review our FAQ regarding the name change from RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Workbench.