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Troubleshooting SSL related issues in RStudio products#

RStudio Professional products (RStudio Workbench, RStudio Connect, and RStudio Package Manager) can be configured to use SSL Certificates.


This guide provides examples of a few common scenarios that you may encounter while configuring or using SSL certificates in RStudio Professional products and how to troubleshoot them.

Configure SSL#

The configuration instructions are covered in a separate topic.

To review the configuration instructions, please select one of the following links for your product:

Scenario 1: SSL Certificates don't work when Publishing to RStudio Connect#


While publishing content from RStudio Workbench to an RStudio Connect instance with SSL configured, the user may encounter an error related to certificate not trusted.


In order to resolve this, you will have to register the certificate used by Connect in the RStudio Workbench server. The instructions depend on the flavor of Linux being used.

Scenario 2: RStudio Workbench and RStudio Connect are not able to download packages from RStudio Package Manager#


install.packages package isn't working correctly.

When the RStudio Package Manager server has an SSL certificate assigned to it, then the Linux OS for both RStudio Workbench and RStudio Connect needs to trust the certificate. If not, then the install.packages package does not work correctly.


This issue is similar to the issue described in Scenario 1. It can be resolved by following the Linux-flavor specific instructions to add SSL certificates to the machine.

Scenario 3: SSL Certificate not working with Local Launcher#


Error when launching sessions.

If you have configured local launcher in RStudio Workbench and are using SSL certificates, you might encounter an error while launching sessions.

The error will read like:

Console output
Error launching jobs:

"please verify your callback address setting for launcher.conf."


In order to resolve this issue, you need to update the Local launcher configuration so that the launcher uses the correct callback address of the RStudio Workbench that has an SSL certificate added to it.

Scenario 4: Troubleshooting SSL Issues with pins package#


Error when Shiny Apps are trying to access pins.

A common issue when using pins is when the user can successfully push pins to an RStudio Connect server and call the pins, but Shiny Apps that are trying to access the pin are failing.

The error will read like:

Console output
"Error in value[[3L]](cond) : Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized."


A potential solution for this issue is to add the certificate that is used by the RStudio Connect server to the trusted store on the RStudio Connect server itself, given that it's local request.

If that doesn't work or if it isn't an option, then you can approach this issue from your R code instead. To approach this using your R code, execute the following setting before the pins package is used:

Console output
httr::set_config(config(ssl_verifypeer = FALSE, ssl_verifyhost = FALSE))

Didn't find a solution?#

If your scenario is not covered by this guide and you are still having trouble, please:

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