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Tutorial - Publishing with Collaboration on RStudio Connect#

Publishing with Collaboration on RStudio Connect#

This tutorial shows you best practices for collaborating with colleague data scientists with RStudio Connect. It walks you through how add collaborators to your RStudio Connect output (Rmd, Shiny Apps, APIs, etc), and how to work with collaborators with version control systems such as git.

Some data products will have multiple authors and collaborators who are responsible for managing the content deployed to RStudio Connect. We recommend using a version control tool like Git to coordinate collaboration across many users. This video tutorial shows a basic collaborative publication workflow for RStudio Connect.

Tutorial Steps#

Original Author (Kelly):

  • Create document and publish to RStudio Connect
  • Add collaborator on RStudio Connect
  • Share rsconnect folder via version control

Collaborator (Alex):

  • Pull down code and rsconnect folder from version control
  • Make changes
  • Publish back to RStudio Connect
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