Step 4: Log in and Verify Email

Step 4a: Log into RStudio Connect

The way that users log into RStudio Connect depends on the configured authentication mechanism. For example, if you configure RStudio Connect to use OAuth2 (Google Sign-in), then users log into RStudio Connect with their Google account.

Administrative privileges

By default, the first user to log into RStudio Connect is assigned administrative privileges. Additionally, other users can be promoted to admins after the configuration is complete.

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the public URL that you defined for your RStudio Connect server. The default location is: http://your-connect-server-address:3939/. The Welcome to RStudio Connect page displays.
  • Click Sign Up.
  • Populate the fields with the information that is required to create an account and click Sign Up. You log into RStudio Connect and the Jump Start Examples window displays.
  • Close the Jump Start Examples window.


The Jump Start Example window displays each time a user logs into RStudio Connect. However, if you close the window but decide that you want to launch one of the Jump Start Examples, then:

  • From the upper right-hand corner click the Publish drop-down button.
  • Select Jump Start Examples. The Jump Start Examples window displays.

Step 4b: Verify email

  • From the Menu bar, click Admin.
  • Click Mail Settings.
  • Click Send Test Email.
  • Wait a few moments and then verify that the test email was successfully delivered.

Step 4c: Verify configuration

To verify the initial configuration that you applied during the installation, we recommend that you have an RStudio user log into RStudio Connect and publish one of the Jump Start Examples that display when they log into RStudio Connect.

If a user can publish content using one of the Jump Start examples, then you successfully configured RStudio Connect.


Some of the Jump Start Examples require that you have Python installed on the server for you to publish the example. Now would be a good time to verify with your user as to whether Python is a requirement and if you need to integrate RStudio Connect with Python.

Step 4d: Start using RStudio Connect

Congratulations! You have verified that users can log in, deploy content, and view content on the server.

There are several additional features and configuration options that you may wish to enable.

Continue to the next section of documentation and/or view the Admin Guide for more information.